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This is the portal page for Sntjohnny's online streaming radio experience.  Sntjohnny is Tony Horvath, a long time Christian apologist participating in 'discussions' with non-Christians of all sorts.

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The intention is to formally launch the Sntjohnny Radio Show in January, most likely every other Sundays, at 7:00 CST.  The shows will be 1 hour long panel discussions, where I will solicit the participation of other interesting people to join in.

The topic for November 19th, 2006, is "Is Religion Dangerous?"  This is a special event, designed to test the server capabilities before the radio program launches in January.  Thus, user feedback about their experience is welcome, and even thoughts and comments on the structure of the program itself.

Feel free to participate in the chat room with other listeners.  The room will be 'manned' by someone to solicit questions for the question and answer period.  Please provide concise questions and who you would like to answer them.  Realize that not every question will be answered.

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"Is Religion Dangerous?"

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