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Welcome to my Christian Apologetics page.   This site is a long time in coming and is born of many debates- both online and off.  I personally nearly abandoned the Christian faith in college.  For all I know, I did.  God only knows.  I did this deliberately.  That is, disillusioned by my unanswered questions, I decided to forget all that I thought I knew and rebuild.

The process of that rebuilding has made me what I am today, for better or for worse.  Many skeptics would rather challenge the authenticity of my experience.  I'm not entirely sure why that is.  I suspect it may be that, in their opinion, anyone who was 'truly' a skeptic would never have returned to Christianity.  But a skeptic I was, and to Christianity I did return.  The sharp eye will recognize the skeptic's fallacy as the one they like to bandy about so much... The 'no true scotsman' fallacy.

At anyrate, since I rebuilt my faith from scratch, I can truly say that I have no belief that exists unexamined.  I have no belief without some reason for that belief.  I believe those reasons are good reasons, and this site is devoted to explaining why I think they are good.


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